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BW has an exceptional method of meeting your travel expectations!


BW has an exceptional method of meeting your travel expectations!

Mumbai City Wandering

Mumbai is an outstanding city in terms of a number of things- its people, its heritage, its lifestyle, and most of all, its architecture! Not only is Mumbai metaphorically beautiful, but its buildings and gardens and streets are absolutely awe-striking. No description of Mumbai does enough justice to it. One needs to see it for themselves. A Mumbai city tour, or a “Mumbai Darshan” like a local would call it, is an absolute must if you’re visiting the city for the first time.


Village Wandering

We may always happen to associate a village to an undeveloped and rural area with thatched huts and wells. But what we tend to overlook are the lush green fields, cool fresh breeze, wandering around freely without a care in the world and of course, the privilege of evading the bloodsucking traffic! There lies its own kind of beauty in walking on mud roads, cycling to the near-by general store, or lying leisurely under the cool shade of a tree on a lazy afternoon. A Mumbai village tour could offer you the perfect retreat from the hectic city hustle and bustle!



Mumbai is a marvel. You’ll step into it confused, yet mesmerised. But you will leave it reluctantly. Such, is its magic! It is unfair to anyone who visits Mumbai to leave half-heartedly. And so we offer you various kinds of tours covering different aspects of the city. The tours are pre-planned and well scheduled. They can be customized further to suit you. Our only goal is to leave you with happy memories of the city, and we work towards that to our fullest! Mumbai is our city, and we believe anyone who comes here should feel at home. And this is the goal we strongly work towards.

1) Slum Tour- Visit Dharavi, the largest slum of India, in the heart of Mumbai. It’s a world in itself, full of people and places that will touch your heart!

2) Village tour – Visit a village on the outskirts of Mumbai. Meet and interact with villagers and experience their lifestyle.

3) Mumbai city tour- Visit all the places Mumbai is famous for, in a day! Alternatively, we offer a half-day tour for those of you running short on time.

4) Mumbai heritage tour – Walk along the line-up of Victorian architecture of Mumbai.

5) Mumbai Market tour – Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise! Visit all its unique markets, and you’re sure to go home with a lot of Mumbai’s specialities.

6) Mumbai night tour – Mumbai gets even more beautiful and bling-y once the sun has set. Drive around and experience the blitz!

7) Mumbai Food Tour- A massive shout out to the foodies out there- this is just your thing! Go around Mumbai trying the local cuisines!

8) Elephanta caves tour – Visit the Elephanta caves in the city- a cluster of historic caves filled with paintings, carvings and sculptures.

9) Hiking Tour- Set out for a trek amidst nature, not very far away from the city!

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